Friday, September 18, 2009

Morning Shows

I caught parts of two morning shows on my way to work this morning. The topic of one of them was "If you live like a millionaire for a day what would you do". I thought about it for awhile and then wondered if I'd be able to keep what I purchased. The question was soon answered. Yes.
So then I figured that I'd want to purchase things that would not cost me any further money. Sure I could buy a mansion, but then I'd have to come up with the money at a future date to pay the upkeep and taxes. I could buy a few very expensive cars but I'd have to insure them after paying the initial premiums. After some thinking (on my level) I figured I'd pay off the debts of my family and closest friends, I'd invest some money, purchase clothing, any needed furniture, and then buy a slew of gift cards to be spent at a later date. Couldn't think of much else but it was all a spur of the moment thought.
The second show I caught after listening to Jason Aldeen sing to me about his "Big Green Tractor" was about ditching someone during a date. Either doing so or having it done to you. Some interesting calls came in but I don't think it brought the results they were looking for as it ended pretty quickly. I thought about this for a moment and since it's been 26 years since I've dated I had to dig deep into the memory bank. I recall being with some friends once and meeting this guy I had afterward tagged "The Butchers Son". We were at a local bar and one of my friends and I left with these guys (alcohol played a big part of the stupidity) and went to a few other bars. We were pretty stupid in not taking our own car. As the evening progressed she seemed to be doing fine with her guy but Butcher's Son was weirding me out. (His dad owned a butcher shop downtown and he worked for him). The topic of every conversation was something to do with being a butcher. I was sober enough to picture myself cut in pieces. At bar closing they decided to take the night further and go to a local greasy spoon for a great dining experience. I suggested going back to get our car. They were having no part of that and neither was she. We ended up at a Webbs back on our side of town. I seriously wanted out of this and was ready to just ditch the whole thing but didn't want to leave her with these two clowns. We walked into Webb's and I felt instant relief at spotting one of my male friends with his group. When the clowns hit the bathroom I grabbed my drunken friend and we bailed with my friend. They took us back to our car and as we were getting in the clown's pull up. Male friend steps up and asks "What are you doing with my wife" to butcher boy. Drunkin friend was whining all the way home. Stupid night.
Next morning show. What secret song is on your Ipod? Don't have one but it was interesting listening to some of the call ins. "Ben" seriously?

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