Thursday, February 25, 2010


I left work a little after 3 yesterday. It was snowing but the roads were just wet and traffic was moving along normally. This is until I hit Layton Avenue and headed east. It was like I turned the corner into a whole new world. Traffic was slowed and the streets were a little bit slick. I had plans to make a few stops but with the way things were going I took the safe route and headed home. I saw two little fender benders on my way home, one of which could have easily been prevented by waiting until traffic was clear before pulling out. Some things just take a little bit of common sense.
When arriving home it appeared as if we had quite a bit more snow than the western part of the county. I switched on the TV to catch the latest weather report. The stuff was really coming down and I one point I could barely make out the house across the street. The little kid inside me got a little excited. Could it be the big one? Could we be snowed in? When is the last time Milwaukee had a full blown blizzard? Could it last long enough to have my work called off? And then it was done. According to storm tracker tracker it's heading out east. They shall once again have snow days and everything shall just shut down. I know deep down inside all of you are hoping for a full blown snow day. I'm good with it as long as it doesn't impact any Brewer games.
Because of production needs this week I've been coming in early to catch up on the prior days testing. I have been able to do what would normally take me 3-4 hours in half the time. It is a wonder how much you can accomplish without interuption. My boss had mentioned staying later rather then getting up so early. Not a chance. There are certain people that once they notice I'm here late will suddenly have a need to ask me questions or just chat. Early mornings at work are peaceful and productive.

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