Friday, February 05, 2010

Move It To Lose It

While I was doing my routine walking on the Wii Fit last night my mind began to wander. Of course I was able to continue walking at the set pace, daydream and manage not to fall off the board. I started to think about how many times in my life I had attempted to lose weight. How many exercise routines I started and followed, how many diets (healthy and fad) I had been on and the results I've had.
Thinking back I tried to remember the first weight loss kick I did. Funny how weight loss commercials have been around forever. I remember my mom taking Ayds. The little chocolate tasting candy that was supposed to suppress your appetite. She had a box hidden in her night stand. I think I was around 12 and was called fat by one of those gangely boys at school. As luck would have it he was the one boy I had a crush on so I was devastated. I recall asking my mom for help and her telling me I wasn't fat, a typical mom answer. So I took matters into my own hands and "borrowed" a few of her candies. I also went on a diet of jello and hot dogs. My summer vacation was spent eating as little as possible and riding on this rickety old exercise bike my dad picked up from a rummage sale. Success had me at about a 40 lb. weight loss. My mom was a little ticked that I needed all new school clothes. I somehow managed to keep this under control for several years. I'd gain a few pounds and work it off.
Then came the marriage and the first baby. Whoa momma! Whoever told me it was okay to eat for two needs a swift kick. By my eighth month I had the gain under control. I was also so naive that I thought the rest would melt away when the baby was born. Another routine of losing weight. This time it was some stupid fad drink twice a day. Once again worked, but once I started eating again I had to watch it. Stuff creeps back on you.
Over the years I tried other drinks which are off my list now. Of course they work, you're not eating anything. Once you go back to eating it's all over. Weight Watchers was the single most successful thing I've ever done. Years back I met my goal and felt I didn't need to go to their meetings any longer. Thought I learned enough to continue on my own. This is where the neglectful part comes in. I knew exactly when I was eating more than I should. I knew exactly when I needed to exercise more. So now I will once again take my punishment and will once again tell myself that I need to keep this in control.

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