Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Good Times

My ride in today was a bit slow. I wondered if the cities of Milwaukee & Greenfield had woken up their plow drivers yet. Our street not being plowed was understandable but when I got to the main roads I began to wonder what was up. I found the same mess on the freeway. Along Highway 100 I saw dozens of private plows doing parking lots and such but still no sign of a city plow. The scene was to follow the ruts from the cars before you. A bit like in the pioneer days..follow the wagon trail ruts. I come in a hour or so before the beginning of rush hour. I can tell you there is a lot of work to do before then. My "spot" at work was plowed out and the two plow guys were working really hard to clear the entire lot. With the additional 8 inches to come during the day today it should be a nice ride home. Today I can't blame the fellow drivers for slowing down, it was pretty slick out there.

Had a great Superbowl Sunday with great friends. Once again way to much good food! Those of us on diets are now working extra hard to make up for the day of indulging. K & J did a great job hosting. I wasn't keeping an eye on my husband and didn't notice until the end of the game that he had become a bit snicked. It was right after one of our friends came upstairs and announced "I don't want you guys to be shocked or anything but my wife is drunk". We weren't' shocked! Her voice raises up a pitch for every drink she has. Dead give a way every time. He was sitting with her so I figured he must be getting there also. I went downstairs to find him complaining that someone had made him a drink and it was way to strong. Sitting next to him was the bottle of coke to add if needed. Never saw him add any coke. Once everyone else had left I figured it was time to go. Well he got his gab on, which he does when he's had a few. There was no shutting him up. Thanks to Ben for lending his ear. After the fourth "Are you ready to go" he finally gave in.
It's always nice to have a person who is unable to drive give you instructions on the way home. After 5 minutes I made the comment that it's a wonder I can get to work every day without him sitting next to me. That didn't shut him up either. Once home he was able to carry in our loot without dumping it, and then announce that the burritos were his midnight snack. Within 5 minutes I found him on the bed and out. I'm not sure he moved at all the entire night.
I had an early appointment and when I had come back in the room prior to leaving I noticed a cartoon channel was on. He wasn't awake but mumbling something. Dora was on TV and he was either singing along with the song or just calling her name. Of course he's denying that now.
I got home around noon and he was lounging and didn't seem to be moving to fast. He was fine though (according to him). He doesn't do this to often so I kept the ribbing at bay. Needless to say not a lot got done yesterday and he had big plans for his day off.

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