Monday, February 01, 2010


We were pretty busy leading up to and through out the Holidays. It seemed like there wasn't enough time in a weekend as it was taken up in some type of social event. Then there was the few weekends after that were also quite busy. The past couple weeks have been quiet. Beside two dinners with friends we have gone into a social slump. If it wasn't for basketball on Saturday mornings we may not have even left the house. It is a sad day when grocery shopping gives you a little rush. Not at all for the shopping part, just the fact that I left the house.

Barney has been using the time somewhat wisely. He has begun to tackle his workshop. I ventured downstairs Saturday evening to see what he was up to. Laid out on a table were assorted tools. I could hear him moving things around and noticed a few bags of garbage stacked up. No need to stop a man in motion so I made a hasty retreat back upstairs.

This lull in social activities has given me more than enough time to begin a work-out routine. Maybe to much time. I've gone into the stage of working out for at least an hour a day, but then find myself walking on the balance board for another 1/2 hour or so while watching tv. I think it may be more out of boredom. Over the weekend I purchased the 3 inch height extension for the balance board. This investment really makes a difference. The old calves haven't seen this much action in a while and they were screaming at me a few hours after that workout. It's a good thing!

This lull in social activities have also forced me to cook dinner more often. That and the fact that with 3 more people in the house (on various days) there are no left-overs. I've been forced to become more creative in dinner planning. Healthy yet stretchable. The cobwebs have come off the slowcooker and the meals are being planned out.

As much as this lull can be a good thing I'm getting itchy for some social activities. Good thing I have something to look forward to this weekend.

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