Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Here We Go Brewers...

Here I go. Off to the game today. After some arrangements were made to cover my duties it was confirmed that I would be going. It has been named a field trip.
It's odd when you attend a game outside of your normal circle of friends. I'm used to getting to the parking lot, kicking back for a few and taking in the sites around me. I asked if we were bringing anything along and was told by my boss that he doubted we'd be tailgating due to the weather. Hey, I've stood out there in worse weather. That's what jackets and gloves are for. So as of right now I'm not sure what to expect. I did somewhat prepare and purchased a bag of Brewers peanuts to munch on during the game. I'm trying to be a positive thinker and make it a fun time. I must remember to make note of where the vehicle is parked so I do not lose my ride back to work for my car. I'm horrible at being the one to remember where we parked.

So as if my body wasn't completely over my last illness I seem to have been blessed with a sore throat and cold. Started the extra dose of vitamins and cold tablets last night. I'm sure I got this one from my daughter as she was sick all weekend. No matter how much I tried to stay away from her and wiped everything down, it still got through to me. I'm wondering now if it was even worth it to get the flu shots I got. I know what I have this time isn't the flu, but this is ridiculous how many times I have been sick in the past 6 months. I'll need to make sure the cold tablets are taken before the game so I don't need to bring 7 boxes of Kleenex with me.

Go Brewers!

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AletaR said...

The time keeps getting pushed out. First it was 10, now it's 1030. Don't they know that some people are anxious?