Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Repercussions

Despite missing Opening Day, I feel pretty lucky that I got to go to a Brewers game during their first home series of the season. I wish I could say I can't complain about the weather, but then again it's Wisconsin and it's early in the season.
There was no set plan for this excursion which made me a little nervous. I got spoiled going to the games with my husband and friends. We always have a plan. This was a different group and I did not know what to expect. We parked by Wongs and I was just about ready to spring for the stadium parking when I found out there was a shuttle. On a normal, dry day maybe the walk wouldn't have been so bad but it was miserable out. I thought tickets were in hand but found out we'd be standing outside while my boss stood in line to claim his vouchers for the Upper Terrace Reserved Obstructed View Seats. The story was unfolding on the way to the game. He got these vouchers at BP for filling up his tank. I never knew until yesterday that there were obstructed view seats at Miller Park. I know now because I sat in one. The railing on the steps blocked my view of home plate. No problem as the 3 seats next to me were empty so I simply moved over and was lucky enough that no one showed up claiming the seat.
The game was good. A little nerve racking in the 1st inning but things settled down and the boys proceeded to win. Throughout the entire game I had some blast of cold air blowing down on me. I was freezing and had my jacket on during the entire game. I had to look around to see if I was the only one being hit by it and noticed the guy in front of me. His comb over was blowing around a little.
The problem with taking a shuttle is that after the game you need to find it and hope to get a seat. Seeing as you don't need a ticket for the return, just about anyone can get on. Of course the sky managed to open up right at the end of the game so we were soaked. We did manage to spot the Wongs van and got on. Had a pretty crabby driver until a conversation started about the Stadium charging for the shuttles. Mr. Shuttle Driver was upset because this year they put traffic directors in the shuttle area which he said were making a mess of things. He lightened up after a bit and had some stories.
I felt a little bit of a cold coming on yesterday and I guess sitting in damp clothes with cold air blowing on me didn't help the situation any. Today I am full blown snot nose, sore throat and ear ache. I'm returning my vitamins to the store as they have done nothing for me this season at all. I'm done with shots and antibiotics. I've wiped down things in my house with Lysol so many times this season that I should have stock in the product. Nothing is helping. Not even Stb's cure.

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StB said...

You boss took you to a game with shit tickets? Has he no shame?