Friday, April 09, 2010

The Friday Doughnut

Why is it that the Friday doughnut is more exciting then doughnuts any other day of the week? I've pondered that for a while. People bring doughnuts on Monday...not thrilling. Same for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but bring in doughnuts on a Friday and you are every body's hero for the day. It's the talk of the shop. And news travels fast. I got the call a little after 8 that there were doughnuts in the lunchroom. And of course there is usually a reason (around here) for the doughnuts. Birthdays being the number one reason. This is funny because the production people haven't worked on Fridays for a year now and this seems to be when management or salaried people bring in the doughnuts. Of course because it's 8 less that you need to buy. Even though you see these people every day and eat lunch with them.
If you're a production person and bring doughnuts in on your birthday you need at least 2 dozen and that being if everyone just takes one. That is not the case around here. I'm a one doughnut eater. Usually half at break and the other half at lunch. The doughnuts that people bring in here are usually National Bakery or Grebes,so they're pretty big. None of those Krispy Kreme nightmares.
Is there a rule for one only? If you walk in the lunchroom and see the person delivering them does it give you freedom to sit down and eat 2 or 3 or does the politeness bell ring in your head. Around here the call that there are doughnuts will go out and people will break each other out so they can run and nab a doughnut. Some will chow them down right away and others will wrap one up and put it in their lunch bag for later. Some will chow 2 down right away, and then you have those that will ask you to save one for them. Yea, right. Not around here.
So like I said, I got the call around 8. I went to the lunchroom at 9:00 and there were two doughnuts left of 18. I should have went earlier because all that was left was the puss filled chocolate doughnuts. You lose.


Hey Jo said...

We are a bagel kind of place. Very seldom do we see donuts.

StB said...

It sounds like all doughnut rules have been thrown out the door at your place. Seriously, people grab more than 1? Totally rude. Even grabbing one to eat later is rude. Doughnuts are an eat right there kinda food. You don't take one because you think you may want to eat it later.