Monday, April 12, 2010

Gimme Back My Fence!

NyQuil gives me horrible nightmares. I was having a hard time sleeping Saturday night and was still a bit stuffy and had a pretty sore throat. After some tossing and turning I gave in and took some thinking I would be able to get some needed sleep.
The first dream that I recall is Dylan getting his baseball stuck between the deck and the fence. I didn't want him to reach back there because I was afraid he'd get hurt so I did. I felt something hairy and I pulled my hand back only to have a skunk in it. The funny part of this is I woke up scared and holding on to a stuffed animal that was left on my bed.
The next dream has me a little concerned. I walked outside on my deck and our fence was gone. The Arab lady next day was running around saying (in broken English) that she didn't know who took the fence or why, but she wanted it back to keep her kids in the yard. I was angry and demanding to know who took my fence. I saw a truck parked on the street and a guy loading pieces of our fence in. I saw a lady standing with him and began to yell at her. She claimed the fence was an eyesore (kinda is) and she was sick of telling us to fix it. I kept telling her we never talked to her and to give my back my fence. In my sleep I could feel this anger. When asking her who the hell she was, she claimed to live on the corner. I told her she couldn't even see my fence from where she lived so wtf did she care. Arnie came home and was totally unconcerned about the fence. I then was so angry I picked up a screwdriver and began to stab this lady's big fat fleshy white arm. It didn't phase her so I said I was going in my house to call the police and a lawyer. I pretty much woke up then. The part that had me a little nervous was the stabbing part. I must feel very strongly about my fence.

On another note, my Sunday afternoon shopping at my local PnS was nasty. Either I missed the after church people or they all ran home and changed. I saw way to many tube tops and shorts that were being worn by woman who should have bought them at least 2 sizes larger or not worn them at all. I say if you want to wear one and it looks that bad then wear a light blouse over the top. When it's rolling up from the bottom or rolling down from the top it is to small. I understand that men like to see a little butt cheek at times but they don't want to see cottage cheese. It was also dirty wife beater tee shirt day. One of my biggest peaves. Once again I vow to get my shopping done during the week to avoid this.

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Hey Jo said...

Shop on Sunday mornings. Before 9 am. The best time to go. Everything is well stocked there are like 4 other customers and Jose, will make you sushi the way you like it :)

I can't take anything with a sleep aid in it. I get night terrors.