Friday, February 11, 2011


I know I shouldn't complain about the cold. After all I choose to live in Wisconsin. But damn it was nippy at 4am this morning. It is the kind of cold that just slaps you in the face. My temperature in my car read -2 when I left for work. Between the Hale & Zoo it climbed up to 1 and then stayed there. At least the wind is mild, keeping the wind chill at bay. If the forecast holds true-tomorrow will be a better day.

We had Monday off in exchange for Friday this week. Now that it's Friday I wish I would have taken a vacation day. I'll admit I am spoiled and as tired as I am from Monday through Thursday it is worth having the three day weekend. I enjoy the Friday's as it's a day to myself. It's usually spent running errands and catching up on housework, but I'm on my own schedule. My chores are done more efficiently without anyone under foot.

I did get a little behind this week with having some down time due to a run in with some flu like issues. This started on Tuesday and this morning I finally feel like I can eat something without worshiping the toilet bowl afterwards. I was safe with the toast I ate yesterday. Took it easy on dinner last night although I don't think a taco was the best choice. So now I'm in the hungry but guarded mode. I was really hoping someone would bring in doughnuts today. That would be yummy right about now. Then again, I should probably stick with the toast for another day just to be on the safe side. By that time the doughnuts will be off my mind.

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