Monday, February 14, 2011

Top Five

Milwaukee is listed as one of the top five cities to find love. I believe they are #2 on the list with San Antonio being #1. I wonder if they mean actual love and a meaningful relationship or just a brief affair. Could the summer months be bringing the rating up? Just saying, with all the festivals and concerts during those months, it could have really brought the ratings up. Then again, the winters are long and cold. At any rate, we were finally top five in something else beside biggest drinkers, most obese and most crime.

I have two major goals this week. Look for a new eye doctor and a new dentist. I like my dentist. He is located very close to my home and I've been going to him for around 6 years now. Love the hygienist-my problem is his assistant. She's not very gentle and will ask me a million questions when my mouth is full of tubes and clamps. I'll always ask for the hygienist to do the X-rays rather than suffer through the DA doing them. The dentist seems to get a little irate with her at times so I can't quite put my finger on why she's there. As far as the eye doctor-I need to find someone who can get this contact thing right. I went through 4 different types of contacts and still couldn't see. Then he just plain,flat-out gave up on me. I am not the only near sighted/far sighted person in this world so I shall move forward with this.

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