Friday, February 18, 2011


I think I have it today. I'm easily being distracted from one I thought was a carefully laid out plan. Painting the spare bedroom. Maybe I'm lax because the past few times I tackled the said room and had it how I wanted it, someone came forward with a need for a place to stay. It may be a curse that goes with the house.

I recall my parents having only three children left at home and deciding to make the smaller bedroom into a playroom for my younger sisters. Brother was in one of the two basement bedrooms at the time. About the time it was completed my marriage fell apart and being 8 months pregnant was told to come home. After my one year stay they fixed up the room again only to have my grandfather need a temporary place to stay. A few years later came my niece. I think they gave up after that because when we bought the house the smaller bedroom still had the Ernie & Bert wallpaper on one wall. The room I'm currently painting has housed my brother three times, my middle brother for a few months, my older brother a few times and most recently my daughter and her kids. There were a few brief stays by my sister and her children also. It's been a revolving door for those in need. I can't say it will never happen again because sometimes my heart is just to big.

As I'm painting today I'm seeing traces of past colors. A dusty rose from when I painted after one of my brothers stays. Dark green from my daughter's teen years, purple from who knows what and most recently yellow which was the last time it was empty. I'm done with two walls and the closet right now and wondering dare I go further? Of course I'll finish the room, move the furniture back in that was moved out for the last guests and nervously await the next arrival. Whomever it may be I only hope that this person will have the ability to someday get back on their own two feet.

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