Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Uniform

The company I work for is huge. Our little division inside the Wauwatosa building is a small little spec on big map of world wide divisions . There are a total of 20 people in the division, with 5 of them being upper management and sales and five being middle management. We take up about half the building. Our US corporate offices are located here also. We also house the directors of EHS and the CEO of the US companies.
The head of EHS travels a lot and sees other production areas. She has been on a kick for years to have us wear uniforms. We are the only division that does material conversion. A huge percentage of the other plants produce all forms of adhesives, grout and oil based products. These people perform entirely different functions than this division. We do not come in direct contact with the adhesives we use as they are pumped directly from drums in to melters and directly into machines you're running. The operators wear cotton sleeves and heat resistant gloves when working near the hot adhesive. Our previous CEO saw no reason for production operators in this division to wear a uniform. He felt it an unnecessary expense and felt PPE was appropriate for the job. He especially felt no need for QC or management to wear uniforms. The new CEO took over as of January 1st. We knew Ms. EHS would get to him. He has only been at this plant for 6 months with all his previous experience being in Georgia and has probably been physically in our area two to three times. One of the first things she hit him up with was uniforms. He is huge on safety and ordered it done. The management on this end balked about it but being up against this EHS woman is like beating a dead horse.
The uniform fittings have been rescheduled three times already due to people being out. I am willing to bet that they will be rescheduled again today as two operators have called in sick today. I'm really saddened by this.

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