Thursday, August 24, 2006

Can You Say Cheap?

This is totally my own fault as I went about something is the wrong way. A few weeks ago one of the guys I work with went out on leave for the birth of his child. About a week ago another girl and I thought it'd be nice if we passed around a card and got the baby a gift. So I sent out an email to all those in our department saying we'd have a card and were looking toward a gift certificate. Here's what I should have done: got two cards and went to each person and asked if they'd like to contribute and after receiving their money let them sign the card, if they just wanted to wish him well they could sign the other card. Here's what I did: put the card in the lunch room. I now have a card with about 15 signatures and $40.00 total in it. Now what's sad is one girl asked me if I had change for a $5.00. She could have signed the well-wisher card. We are not a large department and it's not like we're collecting for this type of thing very often. Five dollars a peice would have made a nice sized gift card.
This guy is probably one of the nicest people I've ever worked with and is very well liked.
What have I learned from this? Buy my own gifts if I choose to.
On a lighter note, I felt it was necessary to leave my boarder brother a check sheet of several things he should do before leaving the house. Like, lock the doors, let the dog in, turn off lights, fans and the tv. I got a reply from him correcting the order of things on the list. "If I already locked the door, should I go back in and let the dog in?" Someone might just find his key no longer works soon.
And that's all I got to say about that.....


J. Gambino said...

Apparently you need to add "Don't be a Fu@%!#& smart a$$!" to your list of things. I think I am going to start my own checklist for my border.
1. No banging pots & pans (especially my brand new ones) after 11:00 PM

2. No putting dirty dishes in the clean dish drainer.

3. No whining after 10:00AM.

4. No fighting with your daughter.

5. Get an apartment with your brother who needs a list also.

Now, that would be interesting to see what happened if they had Christmas.

Hey Jo said...

I agree with J. All of the boarders living with you and her should get a place together. Then they can annoying each other instead of you guys.

We have the same thing at work. Our team is now three people. Our boss's b-day is coming up and the girl in MN said she said she would contribute 5 bucks for a gift. That barely covers the cost of the card... Ok, like a 15 dollar gift card to Target is an acceptable gift. At least make it 10 bucks and buy yhe card and send iot down to us..... grrrr....