Friday, August 25, 2006

Some of My Best Laid Plans

The last couple of days have just put a damper on all my plans. I still have 1/2 my garage left to paint. Hard to do so in the rain. Tomorrow looks like the day. I have the wasp traps all set so I can paint in peace and not have to swat away the pesky suckers.

I found it funny the past couple days how the breaking weather reports kept coming through so often. We have a weather radio in our production room at work that kept going off every few minutes. After awhile it was like the boy who cried wolf. We just ignored it. Hard to hear over the machine noise anyway. But is it so boring in Milwaukee that we need to break in every few minutes for an update on the hail in Kenosha? And do we need to drive like a holes in the rain. It's not like we got 6 inches of snow out there.
My 7 year old grandson is now playing football on a league. He's pretty adaptable to different sports and has alway been in programs through the Y. This is a little bit more of a challange for him. My son works with him a lot with whatever his sports interest is at the time. The last few weeks we've been going to practices twice a week and just this past week they got their practice pants, pads and helmets.( and the little athletic supporters). I had a little bit of an emotional moment when he came running toward me all padded up with his helmet in his hand. I had his bottle of water ready. Am I wrong to be sucking up for future football tickets?

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