Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Map, The Map

Everymorning on my way to work at 4:15 I will cross course with at least one left over drunk. Traffice is pretty clear at that time in the morning except for some semi drivers , a small amount of people probably dumb enough to work an early shift like I do, and an occassional idioit who is trying to do several things at one time. Today was the clincher. I'm behind this car that is traveling through 2 lanes. My first though was they were drunk! Nearing the Hale he was in the far lane to take the Beloit way and at the last minute veered toward the Hale. He was nice enough not to sideswipe me. I managed to get what I thought was a safe distance ahead of him and wondered where all the State Patrol guys were because this was truely a case of drunken driver. As I found out a few minutes later as he was once again next to me he wasn't drunk, he had a freakin map spread out over his steering wheel!! He was trying to drive and was turning the map every which way. Clearly lost! I looked over at him and instantly Dora the Explorer popped into my head. "The Map" jingle was running rampid through my head. I thought to myself "doesn't this man know that one should somewhat have an idea of where they're going prior to getting on the road". Hasn't he ever watched Dora!! (FYI- plates were FIB).

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Anonymous said...

Thank-You!~!!! it is in my window as i 'speak'. I do not know what I did to deserve friends like you. but i wanty you to know that i really appreaciate that you (and others) put up with me.