Sunday, August 20, 2006

Soap, The Packers & The Brewers

I do not use bar soap and I feel I have a good reason which I'll get to. This morning brother D came into the kitchen after his morning shower and inquired if we no longer had bar soap. He explained that he went to take a shower and could not locate the soap. He smelled a little fruity to me and then explained to me that he found some liquid soap in the cabinet that looked like it was man soap. I chuckled as I told him it was Jergens Floral something or other and it's mine. It was then that I made the discovery that him and my husband are using the same bar of soap and neither of them uses a washcloth. Apparently it didn't click with him but when I told A later he got a very strange look on his face. My story is that I have not used bar soap since when I discovered my ex-husband would take the soap in his hand and wash his complete body with it. Call me a freak but the first thing I wash is my face and I sure don't want to wash my face with a bar of soap that just came from someones the privates. A looked sick! Priceless! Note to all you single men...stock up on a small bottle of liquid soap in case you should have a lady guest some night.
I have a little more faith in the Packers after Saturday night's game then I did last week. They looked a little more like a team this week. The game was actually exciting.
A had his company picnic at the Staduim today so off we went to catch the Brewers. The weather was beautiful today. After some mushy half cooked brats and hockey puck hamburgers (provided by the company) we were on our way into the staduim. We had some crummy tickets in the nose bleed section and managed to run into someone selling some box seat tickets on the 3rd base side, so we scooped them up. Great seats, one minor problem. We were directly in the sun for the entire game. I listened to to guy in back of me complain about his back and crack sweat. We had another engagement today so left in the 8th inning. (sorry I never got you that beer STB, I'll catch you next time). I'm a little red but beet boy is suffering right now. He has a certain painful glow about him.


Anonymous said...

Relax. It's SOAP. It's self-cleaning.

StB said...

I am a bit pink as well. Suprised that I didn't get a bad burn.

J. Gambino said...

Crack Sweat? Was Mr. W. sitting behind you.? Oh no, wait, that's "butter."


Anonymous said...

'butter'? what happened to the gravy?