Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm Trying to Paint Here!!

My work week started on Tuesday again this week which was good because I would have the entire day yesterday to paint the garage to match the new siding on the house. The night before I was instructed by A to put cardboard down so I wouldn't get any paint on the driveway. I followed my instructions. I started out at 9:00 a.m. With paint poured and paintbrush in hand I was going away on the garage door only to be bothered by some pesky wasps. After spending more time swatting and looking like a mime I went in search of our wasp traps. I scanned the garage(those of you who know my husband will see my misfortune there) I could not locate them. Off I went to Steins and spent $16.00 on what the stockboy said were the best traps they had. Went back home and assembled and poured the gunk in that came with the traps and went out to hang them up. While looking for string I came across the traps we had and filled them with juice and put them out also. So, if you guessed right you would guess that they went for the old traps. Not a single wasp is in the new ones.
After that ordeal I began to paint again only to have one fly up my shorts leg. In the process of trying to jar it out I knocked over the bucket of paint onto the cardboard, however it managed to flow onto the driveway. I scooped up what I could and got the hose and washed the rest of it away (there's a little outline). When all was said and done I remembered the wasp that flew up my shorts. I never got stung but I found the bugger squished against my leg. Stuck.
Four sides of garage to do..two sides done. I know what I'm doing Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

I guess if it's your time to go, there are worse ways than being squished against a woman's leg after getting into her shorts.