Monday, August 14, 2006

A Dog's Life

I had the day off today as our boss has come up with a way to eliminate o.t. We have two people work Monday-Thursday and two work Tuesday -Friday (10 hrs per day). We're hoping this is a temporary thing as we're a bit behind. They put some glitz in it by talking up having Monday off. That didn't really impress me much, I'd rather be off on Friday a day ahead of everyone else. But being the flexible employee I am, I complied with their wishes.
The problem was is that I felt like an unwanted figure in my home today. Usually when I get up every morning I will hear our dog jump up onto my side of the bed. I"ll then return and remove her from the bed. This usually causes a glare. She's a yellow lab and I don't care to sleep with dog hair. Well today I slept in a little longer and I got the nudge around 7 a.m. I opened my eyes to see her face right in my face with a look that had "Get going lady, this is my territory" written all over it. I got up thinking that she needed to go out. Nope, she didn't budge. Food ? Water? Nope, she wasn't looking for that. She wanted me out. There was no "Oh goodie, Mom's home today" tail wagging thing. It was a pacing with a glare. I was in her space and she was not happy. I was embarking upon her daily routine of sleep here for an hour, move to the other room, walk around and patrol the area for a bit, go back to sleep. I took her outside to play some ball for a bit and threw the ball and she just sat and stared at it. She then proceeded to walk away and lay down and let out a sigh. Not time yet..that comes after 6pm.
I did leave for a few hours for a trip to the Zoo with my sister and her kids. Upon my return I got the head looking up and the "Now what" look out of her. Around 3:30 this afternoon she had come to life. It was then the time I was allowed to be home.


J. Gambino said...

You are lucky. I have the exact opposite effect with my girls. they do the "she's sleeping in, quick, wedge her in like bookends!" Then the battle of who can sleep the latest begins. Louise always wins.

Hey Jo said...

Hey, I think I know your boss...