Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another Good Trip

This weekend held yet another good camping trip. Good friends, way to much food and good weather. We saw a little rain on Friday evening but not enough to put a damper on anything. We were bothered by mosquito's a little upon arrival, but it seemed that once you had repellent on they left you alone. Or so I thought until my ankles started itching like crazy and I found some bites. My husband overindulged in Ken & E's ribs and had a bit of a stomach ache going on. I think he ate for 1/2 hour non-stop. Poor guy can't hold what he used to. He's blaming it on the walk we took after dinner. Claiming it upset his stomach more.

Mom & Dad arrived safely from Arizona and have settled in. She's got the spaghetti dinner planned for Saturday night at my house. Last count 3o people. I'm hoping it's not 90 degrees out. Our air conditioner will be earning it's keep if it is. I can see her now standing in my kitchen stirring her sauce, with one hand on her hip, just bitching about how hot it is.

I spotted the cat walker again last night. There are two of them in the stroller and the woman pushing the stroller just prods along with this huge smile on her face. The foot soaking Arab has been replaced by a guy sitting on top of the pile of stones (no turban but of the same descent) . He may just be the look-out for the next water main break. With this heat, right about now it doesn't sound like such a bad idea. Maybe I'll get that pool yet.

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