Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Count Down Begins

I fetched the suitcase from the attic today. In nine more days I will be venturing out to Sun City West with my daughter to visit my parents. (that is if MidWest can hold on for that long). The last time I used this particular suitcase would have been last April when I went there. I was pretty sure I cleaned it out well. It has a ton of side pockets and when inspecting them I found : 2 brand new pair of socks (bonus), 5 quarters (must have been all I had left from the Casino) the comb I had looked for, my Gold Nugget players club card (there's points on there) and a pencil from the Colorado Belle (I think I was going to give that to J) After those finds I dug more hoping to find money. I came up empty. I'm in complete hope that this vacation will do my daughter good. She is still not fully recovered from her back surgery last May. I'm in complete hope that we'll get there and she'll be able to relax and have a good week. I may need to get a wheelchair to get her to and from the plane. I picture her in the wheelchair with suitcases piled up on her lap. I'll try to leave her a little room to see where we're going.

Last week my husband offically started his summer hours. He now works Monday through Thursday. He will be off every Friday until the end of August. I'm just a tad bit jealous. More so on Friday morning when I'm leaving for work and he lets out the overly dramatic yawn. We went a few years at work with 4 day work weeks and the Fridays off were nice. Last summer we went back to 5 days. There was an attempt to go to 4 days this summer which was shot down for reasons I won't get into. Maybe it's best that I'm not home on Fridays as the porch demolition has begun it's next stage. I came home yesterday and saw the back of his truck loaded with insulation and the carpeting from the porch. He is now starting to break up the cement. I think the jack hammer is coming into use soon. I'll figure that out when I get home and he has what appears to be a nervous twitch and stutters.

Good trivia night last night. We were able to take first place and collect another gift certificate. Good weather, good friends, free beer= good time.

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Kris said...

I hope you have a wonderful visit with the rents, and I hope your daughter has a good time as well.