Monday, April 14, 2008

She's In Her Glory

The weather Gods have finally decided that it's time to give us a little taste of brighter things to come. The sun is out in it's full glory today. It could be a tad warmer but we must be patient and take what we can get for now. The rest of the week looks promising. We could reach 65 tomorrow. I let my dog out around 1pm today and she seems to have found her favorite spot on the deck. I've gone to let her in several times and she's just sprawled out under the sun looking so comfortable. I figure within the next hour or so she'll be at the door. This also means that the rabbits and squirrels will once again overtake our back yard while Sadie basks in the sun.

I made a trip to the newly opened Woodmans this weekend. For all the hype I didn't find it very impressive. Keep in mind that I hate to grocery shop in the first place. But I had heard so many great things about it that I figured I'd check it out. Here are some things that I observed.
#1) The prices are a bit lower than P&S.
#2) The produce was not as great as I had been told. All the bananas were green, the oranges were not huge as I was told and nothing appeared cheaper than else where. You want good produce visit Sendiks.
#3) The entire store is like a maze. The 2 aisles of bread are just one aisle and two square displays. There is more of a selection of breads but most of us get stuck on a few certain brands of bread and don't really switch to often.
#4) The bakery is mostly imported things. I saw Grebes, Muerer's and a few different Kringle places. It didn't appear that they do their own baking.
#5) The deli did not have a very big selection. All the salads are packaged.
#6). Almost everyone I walked by had the same look of confusion on their faces. The women mostly had smiles, the men had the "Get me the hell out of here" look.
#7) If you are looking for any type of ethnic food you will find it here. One aisle each dedicated to Mexican or Asian. One aisle, both sides dedicated to all natural food items.
#8) It has the warehouse shopping appearence. I was looking for the crayons to write the prices on what I was buying.
#9) Checkouts are slow. The girls are still learning. However they are friendly enough.
#10) If you work there you will get a lunch break. They will announce for a relief cashier to take over on lane whatever for a lunch break.

I would say that it may be worth a second visit if I am in the area, but it's not worth the drive just to go there. I didn't go into the liquor area (which is seperate) but it looked pretty big. So for now it's the usual P&S or Sentry for me. If I feel like grocery shopping.

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StB said...

Switching to a new store isn't easy. If I am in the area I would check it out for the wall of beer they are proported to have.