Monday, April 21, 2008

The Stroke

Finally we had a great weekend weather wise. The rain forecasted for Saturday never happened. Instead we had a full afternoon of sun and temperatures in the high 50's. We caught our grandson's baseball scrimmage, when each and every one of the boys is hoping to get the position they really want. Dylan started out on 3rd base and in the 3rd inning went to catcher. He did a good job and should be splitting this duty with another boy. Hopefully he can maintain that position as he is happy and seems at home there.

I managed to clear the remainder of the fall leaves from the yard yesterday. When I finished I remembered the the helicopters will be falling within the next week or so which means I'll be right back at it. I threw all the neighbor kids balls over the fence to their yard and noticed that Sadie only poked a tooth hole through one of them. I don't even feel bad about it any more as they've been warned. At one point last summer I was stupid enough the replace the ball. I have now seen the youngest purposly toss the ball over the fence. Although his father did yell at him, he continues to do it.

Last night I received a call from my mother that dad was in the hospital. He was having some difficulty speaking and felt dizzy. My parents are not one's to tell us all the details of their health (mom's breast cancer that they didn't want to worry us about). Of course receiving this call was a little bit of a shock. My dad had a heart attack about two years ago and I spent some time out there checking things out. He had shown improvement and was on medication which he was weaned off of within a year. He continues to walk daily and while walking the other day felt out of breath and dizzy. Of course he didn't tell anyone until after he landed in the hospital yesterday. After talking to my mother and siblings I didn't feel I could fall asleep without talking to him. He was his usual humerous self yet was having some speech problems. The staff made the mistake this morning of telling him he'd be having some additional tests this morning. As of 3 pm our time he was still waiting. The tests they ran this morning showed he had suffered 3 strokes. Hmmm...guess that walking incident should have been reported. Regardless he's waiting on one more test which will determine whether he will have surgery or be home tomorrow. His speech was much improved this afternoon. For right now the doctor is calling this aphasia.

Maybe it's a stroke of luck that I'm heading out there on Saturday. I'll have to be pretty nosey and check things out. I'm not sure what if any limitations he'll have. Knowing dad he'll work hard at getting better and will soon be taking his walks again.


Hey Jo said...

I hope that your dad is ok.

StB said...

My prayers are with your family.