Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dad Is Good

My dad was released from the hospital today with an rx for medication. He did not require any surgery. He did have three strokes, two which he can account for. The speech therapist came in to see him and told him by the time he saw her for his appointment next week that he'd probably be back to normal with his speech. When I talked to him today he sounded much better. A big improvement from Sunday night. Now if we can just get him to take it easy he'll probably be okay.
They both seem to go through a lot when one of us visit's and I tried to convince them that I need nothing special. I just want to bask in the sun and relax. We'll see how well they listen. As he puts it " He'll listen as well as I did as a child". I find that unfair as I did listen (to him). He had a way of making you feel really guilty when you did something wrong (without talking).

So I am as well as my siblings very relieved. Thank's to all of you for your concern and well wishes. It just beats us up that they're so far away. We've had the talk before about them moving back and I can see it in their faces that they are not ready to give up their independence yet. My parents are both very stubborn and have very rarely asked for help from anyone. (some of that may have rubbed off on a few of us). There may be some convincing that maybe coming up here for the warmer seasons might just be a good idea. I remember my parents going through this with my grandfather. He lived part time in Florida and at 85 was still driving back and forth. Had he not had complications I'm sure he would still be doing so. I was told that all is well now as they have On Star in their car. That makes me feel so much better (not). So now instead of flying into Phoenix in case of an emergency I can have the airline pilot drop me off in the desert some where between Phoenix and Laughlin.

I took the liberty to pack early just in case. Probably not a bad idea aa I have already thought of several things I had forgotten. I did see the weather forecast for Milwaukee on Monday. 46 sounds a little chilly.

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Kris said...

I am glad to hear your father is home, and not suffering too many ill effects. I hope he continues to make a speedy recovery. Hugs!