Saturday, April 05, 2008


What can you say about Opening Day? The weather was good, the crowd watching was great and the Brewers won.

We left Ben and Nannettes house around 9 ish and began the trek to the stadium. We had bets on what time we would actually hit the lot. 10:30 was the magic time. Don't know who won that as I don't think we ever put money on it. We were able to enjoy a few cocktails and dogs before going into the game. We were also able to do some crowd watching. The hairy bearded man in the tan colored skirt walked by a few times. There was a guy with a "Virgin Tailgater" shirt on that was pretty funny.

We had good seats thanks to Nannette and her connections. Did I mention someone stole her jersey. Yes folks walking over the bridge right in front of us was a man with "Gambino" across his jersey. I pointed it out to her but I think she refrained in taking it back due to the crowd. We sat up by Bernie which gave us a good view of the game. We were in a small section which was good for entering and exiting. There was a good crowd of people around us which made for a better time.

We lost the boys for a while. On a trek to smoke we got all the way to the smoking section and realized they were no longer behind us. When they did finally show up we were ready to head back in. My husband in his drunkedness tried to convince us that there was a shorter route. I've been the victim of his shorter routes in the past so opted to go back the same way. On our way back Nannette and I were behind 3 men until one reached over a felt up on of the others ass. Quick veer off to the left passing lane and we were outa that view. Needless to say we did beat the boys back. A good 5 minutes ahead. They took a wrong turn. This is why I will not follow a drunk.

When we got back to our seats there were a few differend faces. Or may a few more drunken faces. There was a guy in front of us, I'd say maybe in his early 20's that struck up a conversation. He made note that I looked unhappy because my beer was empty and he wanted to find the beer guy so he could buy me a beer and make me happy. After he left my husband was joking around about my "flirting" with the young lad. I was then labeled "Mrs. Robinson". He thought it was funny (it was a little). I didn't think so at first. We all know what Mrs. Robinson was. Priceless was the look on his face when I said "Mrs. Robinson was a whore". I guess you could just say it was my way of getting back at the situation.

Speaking of drunkenstines, the man just got up. He looks like hell. This should be a good day. I'm off to watch my grandson's baseball practice.

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