Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Purse

With enough comments from my friends about my suitcase sized purse I went in pursuit today. With my 30% off coupon that came in the mail along with the Kohls advertisment I made a slight detour on my way home from work. This is anal I know but I have to find just the right purse. I may purchase one once every 6 months or so and I do not have a collection of them. I have the every day purse, the casino purse, the wedding purse and another smaller standby purse. I need my everyday purse to be large enough to hold more than just a tube of lipstick and it has to have a shoulder strap. I'm not about the small strap that you cock your arm and walk around like an old blue hair. I'm also not about the purse matching the shoes or the seasonal purses. (white or cream in summer, dark in winter). Not happening here.

I made my way through the purse aisle. I knew this was no easy task. This thing has to be sturdy, not gaudy (hate big buckles or any decoration on them). Just simple brown or black with a shoulder strap. I don't need the added extra cell phone case or checkbook holder. After about 1/2 hour of pulling out just about every purse in the section I was almost ready to give up when I spotted it. The Vera Wang purse. Not sure how I missed that small rack the first time through. It may have been because I looked at the prices. But I consider what I got a bargin. Or shall I say with the sale price and extra 30% off and the balance on a gift card I paid what I would have paid for a normal purse. Not as long of a strap as I wanted but I did downsize. I can fit a tube of lipstick and a lighter in it.


StB said...

Ok, I can't help myself.

So in other words, you are very happy with a small Wang?

Short strap on a small wang? Not surprising.

I thought small wangs didn't get the job done.

AletaR said...

I wanted a longer strap on the smaller wang

Hey Jo said...

Somedays a wang is a wang. Big or small, long or short. A girl just needs a wang.

J. Gambino said...

So you went from a big sack to a small wang? I am sorry if my comments about your sack forced you to rethink things and go after a new wang.