Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sorry....In Advance

In a few hours we're heading out for a much anticipated, much needed weekend away. The chosen spot is once again Green Bay. I'm going with a positive attitude that I will leave the Casino with more money that I came with. Although I would like to repeat the fun I had last year, I don't want to repeat the ride home. Let's just say the boys got us drunk. Hence the drunk dialing. I will apologize in advance for any calls that may be made Sunday. Seeing as my parents don't read my blog I will have to deal with them on Monday.

I'm a little shocked that Sadie isn't on to us yet. There are bags and coolers sitting by the door which usually sparks something in her. As I'm typing she's laying next to my chair snoring away. This has me a bit concerned as normally she'd be pacing and wondering if she was going to her hotel or to my daughter's house. She has been slowing down a bit lately but I try not to think about that. She's only 9. It still seems like we just got her. Cute little puppy that peed on me on the ride home. You would think she is sensing the cats are not here and trying to get all the love and attention.

I hope the rest of you enjoy Superbowl weekend. I'm sure we'll be calling!

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OMW said...

"Sorry...In Advance"= I've been saying that for YEARS. Luckily you guys keep accepting it.