Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Breaking the Chain

Several times a week I will receive chain letter emails. I guess if I would seriously pass them on I could be receiving tons of money in the mail right now, I would know how many people loved me, I would be guarenteed a healthy life and no doom would ever come to me. One of my friends is infamous for sending these things. At one point I had told her I don't respond to them and was told she would continue to send them regardless as she is very supersticious. She has become engrossed in them and even the virus didn't stop her.
I will also receive the "tell us about yourself" emails. I'll usually respond to the funny ones sent by close friends. Yesterday I received a bucket list email. This requests that you put 10 things on a bucket list and pass it on. I thought about it for a while and since it's not from any close friends I have I decided to delete it. If I'm going to come up with a bucket list then my family and close friends will know about it. They may be the ones that will help me fullfill my list when I'm on my last dying breath. So after some thought I came up ten items on my bucket list:

#1. Get back to desired weight (by my own doing-not because of an illness)
#2. Convince my husband to fly.
#3. Take a vacation to Italy.
#4. Ensure that my parent's and mother-in-law are well taken care of.
#5. Pack up all my grandchildren and take them to DisneyWorld.
#6. Purchase a vacation home up north.
#7. Attend a Rolling Stones Concert (better get on that one quick)
#8. Fly-Not in a plane. I want to have a jet pack like George Jetson and fly.
#9. Watch a sunrise and sunset on a beach in Hawaii.
#10. Enjoy a week of pampering with my friends at a top notch spa. (in order to do that I'd probably have to win the lottery and I'm over the top ten so I'll have to save that for my wish list.)

What's on your list?

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