Thursday, March 10, 2011

Short and Sweet

If you're given the gift of life each day shouldn't you start out with a clean slate?
I too have a disliking for a few people but they are in my past. I try to put them out of my head and hope I can make it through much of life without running into them again.
When I have to work with people I don't find to be my "best friends" I try to make the most of it and be pleasant. Not being out on the lines full time has given me the opportunity to walk away and not be involved in the daily squabbles. I don't care to be dragged in to the drama and when being complained to will usually smile and offer some sort of positive comment. I find carrying "the grudge" will make for a long workday. At the end of the work day it's over and done with. Go home and enjoy you evening with your families. Don't take it home, sleep on it, and then bring it right back the next day. These people are all adults and should be able to talk it out without pointing fingers. From the outside view, they are all guilty.

Soap box has now been taken down.

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