Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Road Rage

Didn't expect any action on my way to work this morning. Once in a while I'll run across someone making their way home from an after hours party. You can usually spot them out. The very slow and cautious driver or the one with no headlights. The best is the "wrong side of the street" driver. Hopefully they are making it home without injuring someone.
Today was the 10 or so mile road rage drivers. It started on 27th and Layton when the little car decided to cut in front of the truck. They went at it down Layton and both got on the freeway on Loomis. It continue with each one passing each other and then hitting the brakes. I think the little car tried to avoid confrontation and veer off onto 43 but truck guy cut him off forcing him onto 894. I stayed a distance back as I don't care to be involved in stupidity. Around Lincoln I saw the red & blue lights flashing in my rear view mirror. I slowed hoping that they weren't after me. Zoomed past and went after the truck and I saw another coming that went after the car.
Now I wonder-did they call each other in or did another driver also observe this and call it in. Regardless they were both pulled over about 1/4 mile apart and off the road. Bet the little car thought he was home free.
What a crappy way to start their day. Keep it off the road guys.

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