Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hey Now

We have a morning ritual at work. Get in, read the paper, drink coffee (or diet coke if you're me)and for a few of us-step outside and have the morning cigarette and talk about the previous nights TV. Depending on the season we catch a little wildlife.
Spring is in the air. The raccoons have come to life. With the snow being gone it must be a little easier for them to find food. Birds are starting to chirp and the geese are angered as the pond isn't thawed out enough for them to swim yet. They've been walking around on the ice showing their anger by squawking. This morning we saw two coyotes prowling for food. Then we were treated to a show.
It seems it is mating season for the rabbits. At first it was a little humorous watching. One rabbit-I'm assuming it was the male, was in hot pursuit of the other. She wasn't having it and kept trying to hide from him. After watching this for a few minutes one of the girls said "Isn't that cute how they are playing". Had I had drink in mouth it would have been spewed somewhere. As soon as the words came out of her mouth the act was in progress. The look on her face was priceless. The next words that came out where "Oh my. I had no idea". I proceeded to head in and give them their privacy, with hopes that they were wise enough to be aware of the coyote prowling the parking lot.
On another note-Today would mark the anniversary of my first marriage. I received a text this morning. "Happy Anniversary". I get a text or a call every year. Every year I reply with some negative remark. This time it was "Probably wouldn't have been-given the history. I'm thinking that maybe if I replied back "I'm still missing you" he would stop.

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