Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Have A Meatball

Dreams can be crazy. I've woke up many times wondering what the meaning of the dream I had was. The scary dreams can leave an eerie feeling with you for several days. Almost like you're waiting for something bad to happen. The crazy, way out of line dreams can leave you confused and wondering the meaning. Then theres the sad dream where you may wake up feeling the effects. My favorite is the totally out of line funny dream. The one you wake up from that puts you in a good mood. The one you can remember details of, but yet wonder where it came from.
I woke myself and husband up laughing so much I had tears in my eyes. It took awhile to fall back asleep and I was about to take the hint from STBs blog and quick write it down for fear I'd forget it. The memory was fully intact this morning and I was still chuckling about it.
The dream started out somewhat scary. I was with a group of friends and we were going winter camping. We were setting up our usual camp in the snow, but were all in summer wear except for my husband who had on shorts, his winter boots and a flannel shirt (of course). Brother Ben had his knit hat from my mother with the embroidered "K" on it. I was hell bent on wearing my sandals and was amazed at how warm my feet were staying in the snow. We put an electric blanket under the boys tent to keep the bottom warm. Can you site the safety hazard there?
We were all set up and Nannette kept talking about getting the meatballs in the slow cooker going. We discovered we had no electricity. She started throwing a fit and had this huge wooded spoon in her hand and was stomping her foot yelling to Ben to rig something up cause there's no way she spent hours making these meatballs and we weren't going to eat them.
Ben and Barney got the fire going and we were all sitting around the fire when Cleve came up with the idea to cook the meatballs in the pudgy pie makers. It made no sense to me as we had a stove. It seems the guys forgot fuel. So they're loading these giant meatballs in the pudgy pie makers and they wouldn't close. Nanette is still throwing a fit that they're now squishing her meatballs.
Next thing is some critters coming out of the woods and surrounding us. They were like large raccoons/bears. Ugly things that were drooling. They were after the container of meatballs that Nanette proceeded to grab and throw to me. The critters were circling us and we just kept throwing the container around like a game of hot potato. The strategy was to tire them out. She kept saying over and over again that she was not giving up those meatballs.
It didn't work. Each time we tossed the container, more critters appeared. We saw a car approaching and were hoping for a Park Ranger to help us out. It was a group of pretty seedy looking guys who got out and walked over. One guy said "I'll take those meatballs. We've been looking for them for a while". (huh) Nanette proclaimed that in no uncertain terms was she giving up her meatballs. Not after working so hard on them. The guy was eating a sub sandwich and all of a sudden the critters seemed to tire of the meatball game and started sneaking toward him. The others noticed and they began to back up and get back in their car leaving the spokesman on his own. One of the critters told him to drop the sub. He refused and ran off into the woods with them in pursuit.
We continued on with cooking the meatballs which were now on skewers. Nanette put them on a fancy tray and began to walk around to each of us saying "Have a meatball. You don't know how hard I worked on these". I took my skewered meatball and noticed it had jelly beans coating the outside. Everyone else had them also but I seemed to be the only one who found it odd. I hesitated and Nanette was suddenly up in my face waving her skewered meatball at me and yelling "Aleta Gloria if you don't eat that meatball I will never speak to you again". I woke up laughing and her facial expression. What made me laugh the most is her outfit. She was wearing Connie's housecoat.

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