Saturday, February 24, 2007

We Are About To Get Blasted

So the weathermen say. Depending on which station you watch or listen to we are about to receive anywhere between 9-16 inches of snow. This should start sometime after 6pm tonight. Apparently the entire city of Milwaukee is a little nervous about this as Pick & Save was extremly crowded yesterday afternoon. My usual zip through the grocery store turned into one hour. This is unusual for me and I was very close to just leaving my cart and chucking it in. But I couldn't as in my cart were the ingredients for my sister & J's birthday cakes for our family celebration tonight. I damned myself for not having these things on hand in the first place.

It was a short week at work this week. After working around 50 plus hours a week for the past 3 months we were given Friday off. At first we thought it was because the 3 of us looked like hell and maybe they thought we were going to crack, but we found out later it was due to some guarding that needs to be installed on our line. It should be a little bit of a shock on Monday when we arent' able to get to the usual parts of the machine due to guarding. We also go back to long hours. It was nice to get a break though. Did I use it as a break? Hell no. As soon as we found out we were off Friday the plans were made to hit the bar for a drink or two Thursday after work. The beer was cold and went down good. I even partook in the free hot dogs they offer. (this was after I checked and found out they were indeed Oscar Mayer).

I saw a picture in the JS this morning that puzzeled me a little. There was a vigil for the pregnant girl that was shot the other day. There was a sign posted that said "Baby Doe". I'm a little confused as this baby even though unborn had known parents. Am I wrong in my understanding that the "Doe" name is given to an unknown person. It just struck me as being a little odd.

Happy shoveling everyone!

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