Sunday, February 25, 2007

You Call That A Blizzard?

What the hell? This was no blizzard. I know the snow is wet and heavy since I had to shovel a path for Sadie to go out. But I expected worse. Some channels were on at 5am this morning watching for the big storm to hit. Once again they had people posted all over the city and surrounding areas waiting for the snow. All seems to be back to normal now. I hear that now we are out of the snow emergency and expecting just some sleet and about another inch of snow by tomorrow a.m. Last night they were showing video of people grocery shopping. I found it funny how this one guy had two carts of food, just for the blizzard. Wonder if he's just having a party now instead?
I have contacted one hell of a cold from someone. It's not good. I feel like crap. I'm hot one minute and freezing the next. I have gone through my stolen from the hotel box of kleenex already and the thought of food makes my stomach want to hurl. DayQuil is a wonderful thing and I plan on relying upon it today to help me feel somewhat better. This would not be a good way to start out a long work week, so I'm hoping to kill most of it off today while drowning myself in medicine, 7 up and keeping my ass on the couch. My big plans of the day of going to Menards for a new kitchen faucet are now down the tubes. Hopefully it won't spring a bigger leak by the time we get around to buying one.

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