Monday, February 05, 2007

Holy Crap It's Cold

We were up in Reedsburg for the weekend and it's actually 5 degrees colder up there then here. Guess the lake effect is good to us in that way. We kind of watched the temperature in the car waver between -7 and -5 yesterday on the way to the Casino. I managed to play a poker game for 2 1/2 hours on $20.00. My total loss of the day at the Casino=$25.00. I'm not quite sure how anyone else did. The unsmiling faces would tell me not good.
The Hotel Reedsburg is an interesting place. Nice rooms, not expensive and excellent service. We would see the same tiny woman in the bar two nights in a row and pretty much know all there is to know about her. It seems to be a local stopping place for some locals. The bar is attached to Marty's Steakhouse which besides on New Years several years ago has always been good. One waitress is very friendly and seems to be there everytime we are. We watched the Bears Choke in the bar last night (free ribs at half-time) and then walked briskly next door to the local bowling alley which was dead. A had some kind of munchie thing going on and we missed the food serving time by an hour. Off goes this man across the street to the local grocery store to purchase none other than Pizza Rolls. Microwave Pizza Rolls leave much to be desired. We won't mention his and K's churning stomach's this morning.
All in all we had a pretty good time. A won some bucks in his pool at work. I thought I did but can't find my numbers.
So here lies the end of football for the season. Here begins the long lull before camping starts. Guess we'll have to start the Friday night Happy Hour club to keep us coherent until the long winter is over.

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