Friday, February 09, 2007

Another Week Over

Since October I have worked some hefty overtime at work. The past month has been an average of 58 hours per week. We had to go in today to run a trial and as usual things were pretty mixed up. As workers we've come to deal with and accept these things. I guess we pretty much figure with this new line we're all in the same boat as far as hours or stress at work. Just doesn't pay to get upset at anything or anyone. I just have to say that I work with a great bunch of people.
Recently there have been some new hires. One in particular is driving me nuts. He was hired in a maintenance position but basically to aide in getting this new line running. He has seen and done everything. He does not shut-up. This guy spends more time trying to look busy then actually doing anything. I give him credit as he does know how to fix things but he's been on this line for 1 week less then myself and another girl and he doesn't have a clue what's going on. Thank God I work with people who feel the same otherwise I may just have went off the deep end today. The guy who hired him is on it. I don't forsee him making it.
My truck is sick. I hate having a vehicle that has an issue. Two days in a row after work it started up fine. I let it warm up a few minutes before leaving as it's cold. There I am driving down Highway 100 and poof, she dies. Starts right back up and has no further problem all the way home. Yesterday I went right to Dodge City. I think I had the Forest Gump of service men taking care of me. I'm not quite sure he processed anything I said. I left with an appointment for Monday. I'm sure this is all happening due to the cold, but I need to get it checked out for peace of mind. My husband was gallant enough to switch vehicles with me today as I drive 15 miles...he drives 3. I remember when I drove that truck all the time. It sure did seem a lot nicer. I felt like I was driving the Volkswagon of Dodge Rams. Not much pickup on the freeway entry, not at all like the newer truck. I just have to make it until Monday night.

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