Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sundays Suck Now

What can I say about Sundays? Especially Sundays in the middle of winter. They suck! I hate that there is no football, I hate that it's fricking freezing outside and I hate that I hate shopping otherwise I'd be doing that. It's the final off day before starting another long work week. It's the day I like to plop as I tried to get everything I had to do from the past week done and now I'm tired. It may be because I had not one drop of beer this weekend.
We went to the Home Improvement show this afternoon and looked at all the things we'd do to our house if we had a lot of money. We did get some ideas for replacing our screen porch. At least we're on the same track with how we want it to look. We then swung by J's parents as her dad and Arnie had some air compressor deal going on. He didn't like my comment about trading the snowmobile for another air compressor. We did manage to "move" some things around in Connie's kitchen as we were unsupervised at the time. Hope she's not to upset by the re-designing of the fridge magnets.
Pizza was next on the agenda. We picked the right time to get there but it seemed as if everyone had the same idea today. Long was okay. Poor J almost got a bath when the waitress tipped over her glass of water. I'd surely return on a less busy day. So after returning to K & J's my husband was out warming up the truck. Now I know all you guys will be proud at this...I go out to get in the truck and open the door only to be knocked on my ass by his gasious fumes. A giggle followed. As cold as it was outside I rode home with the window open.

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J. Gambino said...

Cornswallow was oblivious to most of the things. Pops had to tell her about the note. She did see the computer screen. But apprently the fridge was not noticed. Pops turned off the timer when it went off.