Sunday, February 18, 2007

Talk About Dysfunctional

It's been a little crazy the past few days. My boarder brother's ex-wife has struck again, only this time not to him. It appears she had the current live-in boyfriend locked up the other night. From the bits and pieces I've heard I have to wonder why he didn't just take off while he was ahead. Apparently she's had her sinister mind in the works for awhile now. She was waiting on her tax return and was going to do a quick move while he was at work. They started fighting the other night and she slipped up and told him. Where did being honest go? So the man threatens to kill himself. Call in the Franklin, Greenfield & Greendale Police. He's sitting for 72 hours and she has now been confiding in my brother about all the problems they've had. I can tell that if it wasn't for the kids he wouldn't give a shit but there is concern for them. He then tells me that this is, including him the 3rd guy who she has ended a relationship by having them jailed.

I had the kids this morning while she went to the DA's office to file a restraining order. I'm sure she wanted to talk about it when she got here but it's not something the kids need to hear. They've been through enough already. Besides that I have nothing to say to her. I wish no one ill but she has now screwed up another persons life. If she didn't want to be with the man she should have come clean and found somewhere to go rather then play some stupid game for a few months. She told my brother that once she moved he wouldn't be able to find her. How dumb is this girl. He knows where she works, knows where the kids go to school...My brother found her within 24 hours without going near where she worked.

As I sat in my living room yesterday morning listening to my brother I popped out the question "You are not planning on getting back with her?" From the shocked look on his face I'm hoping he is truthful with the "NO" answer. I'm a pretty supportive sister but I'm not sure I could stomach her at any family functions. This could be one on my worst nightmares come true.
On a lighter is tax day. Last year we had them done through A's work's accountant thanks to a gift card he received. They are a little to expensive for me to shell out money to this year so in a bit I will be sitting down with the pile of papers and calculator and going to work. As usual A will be hovering over me wondering if I know what I'm doing. Duh!

Another long week is in store at work. It's getting a little easier as we're learning more each day about how to run this new line as efficiently as we can. The day does go by fast as we're constantly busy. I'm hoping that my itchy ears and sore neck are not the start of anything major. The flu hasn't hit our line yet. Not that there is ever a good time to be sick, but this just isn't.

Unlike my dry weekend last weekend, I was able to stop for a few beers after work Friday with some people from work. My husband didn't care to drive all that way to meet up with me and seemed perfectly content to sit home in his basement and wait for his wife to get home with his Kopp's burger and shake. Did you know that Kopps does not have a public restroom? It was a long ride home on a somewhat full bladder. Good thing they repaved Grange Avenue.

Hope everyone's weekend was good.

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