Tuesday, April 10, 2007

31 Days

It is 31 days until our first camping trip of the year, and there's snow in the forcast for tomorrow. That's a little scary. In the past we've lucked out with May camping trips. What's a little rain? What's a little frost? The days are at least warm as we've been known to get a little sunburnt on these trips. We have heat in the camper for the chilly nights.

People at work were all complaining about the weather still being cold. It's April. April is always crazy. We're just so sick of winter and want to get a start on all the warm weather activities that we tend to try to jump right from winter to summer. Mother Nature doesn't help with her teasing of giving us a few 60 plus degree days in March.

I've gone to Arizona almost every spring since my parents have moved there. I make it a point to go late in April or early May just for the simple fact that I can get a taste of summer two months before it hits up here. The best part is leaving Milwaukee and having the pilot say it's 80 some degrees in Phoenix. The worst part is leaving 80 degrees in Phoenix and having the pilot say it's 35 degrees in Milwaukee. Nothing like getting off a plane in your summer attire just to be scrambling for a sweatshirt when leaving the airport. This has backfired on me on one occassion. It was warmer here for an entire week. It was the "strangest thing" my mother told me. "We never have rain in April".

So I guess we all just have to hang tight. Spring is coming. We'll soon be camping, drinking for Jesus and taking in some baseball games complete with tailgating.

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