Monday, April 23, 2007

Asking For Trouble??

After a rather uneventful day at work today I stopped at the Mall to spend a gift card I received. I guess not to many people go to the mall in the afternoon as the parking lot was pretty empty. I thought about when I stopped around Christmas and left as I couldn't find a spot. I successfully spent my gift card and ventured on home. As I went to pull in my driveway I noticed first of all that my husband was not home yet...but wait, what's this?? My brothers oil leaking car in the driveway( Strike One) . I backed out and parked on the street. Upon entering my house I first of all found his keys in the back door and the screen door and back door wide open (Strike Two). I found the radio & TV in the kitchen on and loud, and walked to the living room and found the TV on and loud (this should be strike three but I have to combine the rest) and I found my brother sound asleep in the chair. I tried to wake him up by nicely calling out his name. Nothing...I started to get a little nervous and looked for blood. I did see him breathing and saw no signs of distress or injury so I smacked his arm and yelled. Now, a normal person would probably be startled out of their sleep..he slowly opened his eyes and I could see a look of complete confusion on his face. Apparently he dozed off around 1230 and was now late for work. I had to get my dig in about my electric bill, my house being wide open and the oil slick in the driveway. This is why the man must move.


StB said...

No splashing a bucket of water on him??? Booooooo!!!!!

djw said...