Saturday, April 21, 2007

Clean Smell

It's Saturday and the aroma of pea soup gas has left my house. I think he's done. There is no more pea soup left so any other smell would now be due to something else he ate. I want to thank my brother for (not) for his timing. In another week I will be gone so I wouldn't be home to try to seek clean air.

Boarder brother has set the moving date to next week Sunday. This week I'll be packing up his 6 boxes of cereal , junk food and several large coffee cups from my cupboards. Then I'll be gathering his 4 cans of half empty BO juice and several bottles of shampoo from my bathroom. I'll call it my care package to him. Something tells me that I'll miss our Friday morning conversations but not his weekend alarm clock that goes off at 7:15 am. He then proceeds to hit the snooze four or five times. Tonight I think I'll be setting his clock to the time he really is supposed to get up. That ought to freak him out a little.

Before my friend J posts about our conversation today I think I need to clear it up. No, I am not joining a carnival. I simply stated that I gave my husband $5.00 to buy me the winning Power Ball ticket today. We discussed what I'd do with my winnings and I stated I'd quit my current job for anything over 2 million. Then I'd get a fun working at Summerfest and State Fair. By no means did I mean becomming a carnie. Of course if I packed on another 50 pounds and lost some teeth I'd probably get hired. I just thought it'd be fun to people watch at Summerfest by working at the Miller tent or something. Besides, I'd get in free everyday.

Enjoy your weekends everyone!!

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