Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hippety Flop

The Easter Family tradition with all the girls in our family has been to get together the day before Easter and bake Easter Bread and let the kids dye eggs. This year it was held at my house. The troups started arriving around 930 and I had the first batch of bread mixed up and ready to rise. We then mixed up the second batch and timed this out good so we could roll out one batch while the other was baking. My mom would always preach about how this bread was a little testy and you had to be careful. She would boot us all out of the kitchen while baking it. I always thought "How hard can it be". We've had two disasters in the 11 years that Moms been in Phoenix and not here for the bread making. One year we had some bad yeast and had to start all over again. This year I'm not quite sure what happened. One batch was good the second could pass for Jewish unleaven bread. Tastes okay but it's flat.

There was no usual Easter bustle around here today. We're going to my sister's house. My food assignments are done. My husband is sleeping off his Rum and coke from last night. We joined some friends last night for a few cocktails and had to make a Taco Bell stop on the way home. Did you know that they make Chili Chaloopo's. It was way to funny. At the drive thru window asking A what he wants and none of it making sense. He got some nacho's that he said he was going to take back today as they were really salty. I'm certain that they'll just be tossed in the garbage this morning.

Wishing everyone a blessed Easter. I'm pretty much under the assumption that I did not get an Easter Basket this year. Haven't seen any hint of one yet.

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