Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I try not to start counting down time when I'm excited about going somewhere. I just try to block it from my head as thinking about it sometimes gets me depressed about where I am. Today I have started my countdown. 10 more hours of work left for the week. 36 Hours from now I will be sitting on a Midwest Express plane headed toward Phoenix, Arizona. All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go! (no taxi waiting, just getting a ride and probably a boot out of the truck and a "good riddens " from my husband. I wonder if it's possible for one to kick their heels up while driving. He will have 7 days of freedom. 7 days to not make the bed or clean up. If history repeats itself, on the day I come home he will do laundry and clean up a little. He deserves a break (did I say that out loud).

I'm trying not to think to hard about when I come back. Boarder brother should be moved out and I'm sure the room is trashed. I stupidly painted it about a month prior to his moving back in. I also have to do a week on 3rd shift when I come back. Hopefully I'll be well rested. I'm also sure I'll be walking into a workplace with new faces. We've been hiring about one person a week for the past month or so. I've been like the training queen. It gets old after awhile so I'm welcoming the break.

Someone suggested "buckets" tonight. I have to bail on that one. 3am comes early and with my state of mind and a few dollars I might just over-indulge therefore I'll stay home. If things would have gone as planned, I was going to take off tomorrow and start my vacation early. But I'll save the day and use it another time.

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