Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Boarder Update

I have been asked for an update on boarder brother. Seeing as he paid two weeks rent on Sunday, I'm guessing he'll be here until at least the 15th. I was going to be nice and tell him to let it go and put it toward getting out but I didn't. I don't usually see him until mid-week so I guess I'll be hitting him up for an answer then. Speaking of him, I pulled into my bank this afternoon and saw his ex-wife getting out of her car. I opted for the drive-thru window.
Speaking of ex-wives I had a very funny dream about J and my brother K and his ex-wife. I fell asleep watching COP's and the dream was built around it. All J kept saying was that she wanted to go home and take a bath. I woke myself up laughing.

We had our hours changed to 7-3 this week. It feels rather weird going home at 3. I'm not real fond of the ride in. Traffic was a little nuts this morning. It was rain...not snow. Usually when I'm driving in a 430 there is no traffic. We're just a little spoiled. I think this is a temporary thing for this week as we're off on Friday. It would be nice to have some stable hours though.

We were watching the news last night and heard the story about the 20 year old guy going into the High School and finding the person that stole his sisters I-Pod. I got a funny look from my husband when I said "Good"..I then added that waiting for the kid outside of the school may have been a better idea. Then this morning I heard a small bit of a news cast where some place on South 27th street was held up and one of the customers was able to catch one of the suspects. Did anyone hear where that was? I haven't heard anything more on it yet. I know the Police are going to warn everyone, and I'm aware of the risks involved in trying to be a hero, but I just feel that people have had enough! We may start seeing more of this. I just think people are going to start protecting what's theirs in their own way.


StB said...

I thought it was the Pick n Save there on 27th and Loomis that they got chased down from.

Boarder brother will still be around come May. The fact that he did not tell you he was going to need another 2 weeks speaks volumes. You need to give him the boot.

J. Gambino said...

Maybe we should start our painting plans now. StB's living room, and then the boarder bedroom!