Friday, April 06, 2007

I Fear We Created A Monster

The planning had begun early at work this week. We were all off on Friday and 95% of us were out of work by 3 on Thursday. It was a good plan. Meet at the bar for a few after work. We had the usual people who said they were in and the few ho-hum people. We had the Asian guy who never comes as his wife works nights and he has two kids at home. Yesterday he made arrangements to have the in-laws take the kids. By 6p.m. he was well on his way to being totally drunk. I have laughed hard in my life but this had to be in the top 5. The drunker he got the more profound his accent became. Randy became "Big Guy, Boss Man". He did not stop talking for about 2 hours straight. We learned how he felt about everyone he worked with, we learned about Cambudians (they're the Asian's that are closer to Africa so they have big butts), we learned what goes into oriental food and we learned about "sticky rice". Around 8 pm there were 4 of us left. It was time to go and there came the problem of what to do about the drunken Asian. He tried to be assuring and tell us he was okay to drive. There was no way! I wasn't to keen on driving his car to 40th and Fondulac. So, soon there were 3 of us as R felt we had the situation under control and left. We ended up sitting with him for quite a while filling him with soda and food. The little Asian boy drove himself and I got a phone call assuring me that he made it safe. All I know is that on Monday he's in for some ribbing. He's got a lot of "splainin" to do.

Easter prep has begun around here. My brother had purchased some jello and jello egg molds. In my past experience with them, I chuckled and wished him luck. I came home last night and found the bowl of jello eggs in the fridge. This morning he relayed to me what a fricken pain they are and how he threw the mold out. The problem with this bowl of jello eggs is that no one in this house eats jello. I think he was just looking for something to do with his girls. The good intentions were there. (no word on the move date yet)

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