Monday, March 02, 2009

Did You Go Through A Snow Wash (Part 2)

Not actual pictures of today in the previous post, but it should give you a idea of the difference in weather conditions from one side of Milwaukee to another.
As other's have posted today, we didn't have much warning. At 10 last night we heard "a dusting". I let Sadie out at 4:45 am and was greeted by a stuck porch door due to a pile of snow. My ride to work was slow from my house until the Hale. It appeared that area received the dusting. As I neared work there was nothing. I could see grass. I had to chuckle as I got out of my truck and heard "Did you go through a snow wash or something?" from a co-worker. He lives on 84th and Cleveland. He then took notice that I still had snow on my shoes and bottom of my pants from my walk to my car this morning. I guess stranger things have happened.

My interview this morning took about 5 minutes. She had three questions for me. I answered what I figured she wanted to hear but in my head I really wanted to say "I want this job because I am sick and tired of being dirty all the time. I want this job because I don't want to crawl up a ladder or on the floor anymore. I want this job because I'm bored with what I'm doing now".
So now the slow process of making the decision between me and......wait...I'm the only one that applied, begins. Want to start a pool on how long it takes until they let me know?
The girl who's place I'm taking gave them a 6 week notice. If they were smart they'd get going now on replacing her. In past practice they wait until the last minute and then scramble to train someone. If it means one of the management or supervisors will have to do the work they might move a little faster.

My other shock of the day was seeing that my husband answered an email. I didn't even look to see what it said as I was so shocked. I asked him about it and was told that LMFA means leave my friend alone. LOL.

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StB said...

I got 3 weeks in the pool!