Saturday, March 07, 2009

I Got You Chicken

Gotta love my husband. At least he tries hard (sometimes). Yes, as most of you have already heard he some what tried yesterday. He is now off on Friday's and he had mentioned the other day that he may just fire up the grill Friday. I didn't put much thought into it until 3:00 Friday when I got out of work. Here follows the phone conversation.

me: What are you doing
B: cleaning off "my" grill (he's very possessive)
me: Oh, what are you going to cook
B: Well, I got some steak (this is where I start thinking a Ribeye would taste really good) and I got you some chicken.
Me: a moment of silence. Chicken? What kind of steak did you get?
B: I got my (once again possessive) fillet that I usually get.
Me: So, I'm having chicken breasts.
B: Well yeah, the ones you like marinated in the sauce.
Me: silence, once again. "Um...I'll be home around 5. Did you get anything else to go with it?
B: Some salads.
Me: Oh, well I guess I'll see you around 5.
B: Let me know when you're on the way and I'll light the grill.
Me: still in shock...."Okay". God does he not know how much I could have went for a Ribeye? He knows that the one and only steak I like. Married 24 years and that's the only steak I ever order. I though maybe, just maybe he was joking around. I got home and sure as heck...chicken breasts and not one but two filet's. When he brought them in I said nothing, but I cut a nice sized piece off his steak and proceeded to eat it...with A1 sauce. Never touched the seafood salad he got as it's made with imation crab which I got sick on once. I haven't eaten fake crab in years.

The next time grilling is in order I will be getting a Ribeye and for him I will buy a veggie burger.
The funny thing is, he offered no explanation. I'm sure he really doesn't even know he did wrong. So, like when he gets paid back for flushing the toilet while I'm in the shower, he will get paid back for this. Of course, I will play the innocent just as he does.

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