Thursday, March 05, 2009

One Pink Sock

After chuckling at Bannettes pink laundry story the other day, I have been paid back. It seems that one of my white socks got in with my husbands red sweatshirt and is now a pretty pink. Apparently I was careful enough that it wasn't his sock. Now the problem is what to do with the other sock. Should I throw it in the next time I wash his sweatshirt, or just don't worry about it as you can't see the sock under my pant leg anyway.

Have you ever noticed that one bad egg can spoil the whole bunch? Our bad egg had a vacation day today and everyone on the line was smiling and happy all day. I know she has a personal issue which is eating at her and for that I sympathize with her, but sometimes it's better to let it out. My boss approached me regarding her moodiness today stating that he was noticing it and wanted to know if it was affecting her work. Seeing as I'm the one who usually gets stuck working next to her, yes I have noticed and I can only cover the areas she zones out on for so long. I suggested he spend more time on the line to see if he can observe any issues. He suggested we take her out for a beer. I'm thinking that's not such a good idea. He also told me that he is 99.9999 % sure I got the QC job and is wondering why it's taking them so long to notify me. My new supervisor was supposed to get with HR and send a formal request offering me the job. Present boss was told to have me wrap up any projects I have going within the next week or so. I asked him if he wanted to join my pool.

This could very well be a painting weekend. This is why my husband is going to scatter on Saturday. The man hates painting. My kitchen is in need of a paint job. Tomorrow will be a trip to Menard's to view paint samples. I can bring some swatches home and hang them in the kitchen or I can just go for it. How bad can it be? It will not be pink, yellow, any shade of blue or green. I think I've tried them all so far. Has to be something that goes with dark cabinets. Oh and white is completely out of the picture. This could be an interesting weekend.

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