Saturday, March 21, 2009

If There's Going To Be Blatz....I'm Taking A Leave

Why is it that my husband will consume things that he knows will cause some after effects? I could see if what he was consuming tasted even remotely good and was well worth the feeling afterwards. Take for instance I will eat french onion soup because it's worth the effect it has on me. I will also make sure that I'm clear of others when the effects are released. I have walked around my house with a can of air freshener since last night. This would be the effects of my husband drinking several varieties of beer yesterday.

Let's start with the Budweiser which he had just so he could drink out of a bottle that looked like a bowling pin. It wasn't like he could keep the bottle. Even the bartender second guessed him when he ordered it. After two of those I saw him drinking a Pabst. That may have been the wiser choice of beer. He then got in a few Miller GD and Miller Lite. Good choice. Then came the downfall....Blatz. I did have to listen to the history of Blatz in his family. This is the beer that caused his issues. When leaving the tavern/bowling alley we were at he decided to drop butt in the foyer of the building and then when he saw a young lady entering the building took off and giggled about it.

Then there was the ride home. Being that I was driving I had control of the windows and they were open. Once at home he tried to blame the dog. Around 2am I was driven from the bedroom. I was woken up in a good sleep. After spraying about 1/4 can of air freshener I had the evil thought to open the window and let him freeze. I opted to sleep on the couch until I thought it would be safe. It's still not safe. The sad thing is....he looks so damn proud. That's on the outside but I know that on the inside he's sorry he did this to himself. Suffer in silence and suffer yourself buddy..I did not do this. (although I will admit I carried the first Blatz over to him)

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