Sunday, March 08, 2009

Never On A Sunday

Just got to sit down after a rather busy Saturday and Sunday. I managed to get the kitchen painted yesterday. Only took 8 hours. I asked my husband to get one high corner I couldn't reach even on my step stool. Unfortunately I had to do it over again as he painted the right color on the wrong corner. Long story. It feels kind of nice to have this nice freshly painted, clean kitchen. The color could change. I'm a little bit of a freak when it comes to finding the right color.

I headed out the door at 10:30 this morning for shopping. To bad it was such a gloomy day. Oh, I should say good thing it was a gloomy day or I would have spent more money. Made a stop at Target ($83.00) and found some of their groceries to be a lot cheaper then the local grocery store. Made a stop at Kohl's with my 30% off coupon. Found a few birthday gifts for upcoming family birthdays. Then I made my biggest mistake. I went to Woodman's. In the past I've learned that a parking lot is not always a true picture of whats inside. First off when you go to Woodman's you must always remember where you parked your car and what door you came in. As I was sitting in my car taking a good look around I noticed quite a few people walking around the parking lot, getting soaked and looking for their cars. The confused looks on their faces told me this may have been their first trip there.

My note to self as walking in "Exit by the rack of green bags". The store was a mad house. I've been there once before, when they first opened. This was crazy. I'm convinced that the reason for this madness is they have 50 different types of whatever you're looking for. The bread area itself is 10 times more then Pick & Save carries. But...they had no Texas Toast. I came with a handful of coupons and was only able to use two as they did not have the brands of the other items I had coupons for. 45 minutes later and with a frustration level of 10 I made my way to the check out. I spotted the green bags for sale rack and went toward that check out area. Every line had people with at least two carts each. I picked out the most interesting person and got in line behind them. $421.00 later she was done. Didn't even bat an eye. They would have been calling 911 for me if that was my bill. Of course I didn't have 4 boxes of Little Debbie snack cakes and several cartons of ice cream. I opted for the more healthy week of shopping. Meat, veggies and fruit. My bill..$122.00. I had a few things that were cheaper then Pick & Save but not by much. This will probably be my last visit to Woodman's, especially on a Sunday.

P.S.- I located my car. It was right were I left it.

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